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Elizabeth Austin

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Elizabeth Austin’s life story reveals her commitment to helping make the world a better place. Elizabeth’s childhood health challenges and personal experience with family and friends informed her understanding of the problems posed by such challenges and the healthcare industry. Her career history speaks to her wide scope of interests and abilities and describes the extensive life experience and wisdom she now brings to her practice as an independent board certified patient advocate.

A quick overview starts in 1962 with her first career as an RN, with extensive clinical experience in intensive care, as well as nursing education, and faith community nursing. Simultaneously, in 1972 she co-founded, owned and operated a private school for inland mariners for 25 years, where she advocated for America’s inland mariners and helped thousands upgrade their careers. After selling her Memphis-based maritime school in 1997, she moved to Ashland, OR, where she launched her practice as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, coaching visionaries and social artists toward their highest potential. In 2018, Elizabeth became Oregon’s first board certified patient advocate.

Friends and colleagues value her creativity, leadership, steadfast loyalty, visionary insight, unrelenting quest for awareness, and playful sense of humor. Elizabeth finds equal delight in her work and many other interests and activities. Since 1998, she has facilitated Ashland’s Sacred Walk to the New Year, a community labyrinth walk enjoyed by hundreds. She volunteers in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Welcome Center, where she enjoys meeting visitors from around the world. Her devotion to the health, wellbeing and safety of others shows up in her work with the Ashland Community Emergency Response Team and as a volunteer mediator with the Resolve Center.

Elizabeth Austin knows there is much more to a human being than a physical body. While she keeps up with modern trends in medical modalities, she embraces a wholistic philosophy of mind, body and spirit and seeks balance. Her love of learning and innate curiosity has led her to a wide range of studies, from Jungian psychology to Dr. Jean Houston’s Mystery School to the Dr. Richard Groves’ AnamCara Project at Sacred Art of Living and Dying to Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Currently, she enjoys working with Peggy Rubin’s Evolutionary Journey seminars, where this year’s theme is Diving into Bliss: The Outer Reaches of Inner Joy.

From this unique and complex life story, comes now Elizabeth Austin: Board Certified Patient Advocate, advocating for and empowering all her clients toward their best selves, no matter what.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by changes in your health and efforts to effectively manage your healthcare? Contact Elizabeth Austin, BCPA. She can help clear the fear, uncertainty and doubt so you can move toward confidence, clarity and peace of mind, knowing you are seen as a fully human being.